Why Us?

Your Benefits

How we do it

  • Fortune 500 /Large Enterprise Experience
  • Solutions delivered to customer specifications and value goals
  • Reduce project implementation risks by leveraging our strong IT solutions experience
  • Manage more projects with less management overhead
  • Optimize efficiency of the human factor of project teams
  • Improve consistency of project delivery by adhering to formal project management techniques
  • Certified in Project Management to reduce risk, execute on schedule, and improve quality
  • Improve IT Business value by managing projects to cost and value objectives
  • Improve Business solution reliability by managing projects to scope and change control standards
  • Implement Business solutions that combine projects, managed solutions, and temporary staffing
  • Experienced with complex integrated solutions requiring multiple vendor management
  • Partnerships and alliances expand our ability to deliver value across industries
  • Project Management practice based on PMI (Project Management Institute) Methodology.
  • Project Integration Management - To ensure efficient integration of all project management areas through execution and change control.
  • Project Scope Management - To manage project scope to customer satisfaction and specifications.
  • Project Time Management - To optimize project schedules and manage execution to plan.
  • Project Cost Management - To manage project costs and deliver business value.
  • Project Communications Management - To optimize project stakeholder communications and improve execution.
  • Project Human Resource Management - To optimize project teams and manage resources to plan.
  • Project Quality Management - To ensure quality deliverables and compliance to customer requirements.
  • Project Risk Management - To plan for project risk and to pro actively manage risk responses to plan.
  • Project Procurement Management - To manage project procurement and contract terms.

" We must balance Project Management fundamentals with project human factors to achieve top results. The project team must perform so that the best methodologies can deliver value ". - Angel M. Cosme II, PMP